JICAS ISSN : 2384-2113 (Online)
IDEC Journal of Integrated Circuits and Systems, Vol.5 No.4 October 2019

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A Fully-Integrated High-Voltage Generation IC for Implantable Medical Devices

Myeong Gyu Song and Hyouk Kyu Cha

Page(s): 2-7

A Low-Power 8-bit Switched Capacitor Convolution Engine Optimized for Artificial Neural Networks in 65nm CMOS

Beom Kyu Seo and Jin Tae Kim

Page(s): 8-12

Implementation of RVDT Signal Conditioner Based-on Costas Loop

Yong Heum Yeon, Seung Won Yang and Jong Yeol Lee

Page(s): 13-17

Security SoC Architecture with Hardware-Based Pre-Authentication

Won Bae Kong, Pil Joo Choi and Dong Kyue Kim

Page(s): 18-22

Two-negative feedback loop PLL with frequency voltage converter loop

Dae Hyun Moon and Young Shig Choi

Page(s): 23-28

Publication Date : Oct 01, 2019