JICAS ISSN : 2384-2113 (Online)
IDEC Journal of Integrated Circuits and Systems, Vol.5 No.2 April 2019

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A 10.3125 Gbs Deserializer for IEEE 10G-EPON Standard

Won June Hwang, Yun Sik Choi, Bo Yun Jung, and Kwang Hyun Baek

Page(s): 2-9

A 1.2V 30 MS/s SAR ADC with Foreground Capacitor Calibration

Hyun Gyu Ju, Se Won Lee and Min Jae Lee

Page(s): 10-16

A low noise Hall Effect Sensor Readout Circuit

Yu Seong Kim and Seong Ik Cho

Page(s): 17-22

A low phase noise Integer-N Frequency Synthesizer for 2.4GHz ZigBee Application

Sung Wook Yoon, Chang Yeol Kim, Yang Ji Jeon and Il Ku Nam

Page(s): 23-28

A wideband Bi-Directional Gain Amplifier with Asymmetric Cell using Cascade Gain Boosting in 65nm CMOS Process

Van Viet Nguyen, Hyo Hyun Nam, Jung Dong Park

Page(s): 29-34

Publication Date : Apr 01, 2019